1. Cheerio then folks have a superb Saturday

    I'm offski to go hunt out the biggest chocolate egg I can find. Good luck to all of you taking part in the Dundee Bikers Easter Egg Run. We'd love to see any pictures you take today so please do send them in on Twitter to @STV Dundee. Stay tuned to @STVNews for all the latest headlines across the country.

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  2. Fancy a stay at Blair Atholl with afternoon tea for two?

    For only £59 you can get an overnight stay for two at Atholl Arms Hotel with afternoon tea on arrival including sandwiches, freshly baked treats with jam and cream and a glass of Prosecco each. Wow. Check it out.

    Today's deal from itison

    Today's deal from itison

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  3. We've got our #stvthirdeye on you Dundee

    We're launching a new wee feature called 'Third Eye' to share all those interesting things you and I spot while we're out gallivanting across the city. You know, event posters, new cafes about to open...a particularly pleasing cheescake. Just Tweet us using the hashtag and we'll share your findings each week - like Nikki has done here:

    @STVDundee there's a great (& FREE!) printmaking workshop at WASPS Dundee tomorrow- all ages welcome from 1-3pm :) http://t.co/5MX55ek3sv

    Nikki McWilliams

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  4. Get ready to ride! Bikers egg run gets underway

    Get those bunny ears on and your engines running because it's time for the Dundee Bikers Egg Run. They're gathering from 11am today to ride around the city for charity on motorbikes and scooters. Check out their route map here and give them a cheer.



  5. Toto on tour: they're not in Kansas anymore...

    Look which little furry chap just popped by to say hello on our Twitter feed...they're off to see the wizard! The wonderful wizard of Oz...

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  6. We’re loving this celestial appearance of the Scottish Cup

    It’s almost as though it has descended from the very heavens themselves. Not long to go now Dundee, not long at all.

  7. Ghostbuster's theme tune released on vinyl that GLOWS IN THE DARK

    Sorry. Got a bit excited there and shouted at you. Happy Record Store Day folks! This might just be the news of all news. As part of Record Store Day, a 10" glow-in-the-dark, 'ecto green' vinyl record of the Ghostbusters theme tune is being released. The record, by Ray Parker Jnr is limited to just 2,000 copies.

    Play 'Ray Parker, Jr. - Ghostbusters'
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  8. Abbi new year beckons for Scotland's cricket captain

    Neil Drysdale on why women's cricket is enjoying a rub of the green.

  9. Why buy when you can GIY? Five things on Dundee's new kitchen garden

  10. #STVmostread: Here's Dundee's top stories this week

    Here's what you've been reading in the city.

  11. An epic all-day party in a castle and other top events

    Busking, grooving and shaking. All in a night's work in the city of discovery.

  12. Keeping it cool: Froyo comes to the city of discovery

    The tasty treat that's got ice cream licked.

  13. Dundee trend-setters: Edwardian ASBOs, X Factor and Frank Kopel

    Footie clubs trend it like Beckham.

  14. The Amazing Spider-Man returns for shock-tastic sequel

  15. Discover a world of magical cinema fit for all the family at the DCA

    Did somebody mention popcorn?

  16. Surf's up: students are living life on the crest of a wave

    Whether you're a maverick or a kook, the silvery sea is proving to be a barrel of fun.

  17. Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

    First up we have the morning papers, hot off the press ovens like fresh morning rolls. So what is being spread across our front pages this morning?

    #SCOTPAPERS Saturday, April 19, 2014 - Imgur

    #SCOTPAPERS Saturday, April 19, 2014 - Imgur

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  18. Good morning city dwellers welcome to your Easter Weekend

    The skies are blue and filled with sunshine with the promise of chocolate eggs just around the corner. So join us here and chill out with all the juicy news and updates I have for you this fine Saturday.

    I’ve got all the latest on the top restaurants and cafes just about to open on your doorstep, plus all the reviews on Spiderman and on who among you has been setting the trends in the city this week. Pop by and share your pictures with me @STVLauraPiper if you can. Like this one of the Scottish Cup in balloon form currently floating over the city...

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  19. One last thing: here's our #STVmostread across Scotland

    From hot new cafes to McBusted and a casting call in Aberdeen, it's all in our most read stories from across Scotland today.

    We'll be back first thing tomorrow with some more brilliant stories. Night.

  20. Tuppence for a fish supper

    Check out this amazing picture from the archive of the Dundee Library. Those two wee Hilltown laddies look very bemused by the camera. Sweetie shops and chippers look very different these days.

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