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Santa is coming to town a little early this year

Santa is coming to town a little early this year

Everybody’s favourite beard wearing and gift bearer will be in town today, and he’s bringing a few friends with him.

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Yes, Santa Claus will be in Dundee later on today. He will be flying in from the North Pole for the Wellgate Grotto Opening Party.

Stewart Webster of Radio Tay will be hosting festivities while the costumed Holly and Ivy hand out free chocolate.

A free gift wrapping service is set to be provided by the National Elf Service.

Additionally, Courage the Cat will also be making an appearance. Courage will be launching the Cash for Kids Mission Christmas programme, a charity designed to help ensure underprivileged children have a present to open on Christmas morning, for more information click here

Jon Walton, of the Wellgate Shopping Centre, was enthusiastic about the event and eager to see children get festive.

“Christmas is for everyone, but mostly for children,” he said. “We wanted to offer the Grotto because there just isn’t another one of the same size in Dundee. It’s sweetie themed this year as well. We just wanted to create that sense of Christmas spirit that children never seem to grow tired of.”

In addition to all of the above there will be a few games for children to participate in and more information about the party can be found here. Adults are welcome too though, as there will be a DJ and the chance to win £500 in Wellgate vouchers.

The Wellgate Grotto Opening Party starts at 3.30pm today and is being held on the second floor of the Wellgate Shopping Centre.

Are you going to see Santa this year? We’d love to hear about it @STVDundee or get in touch using #STVDundee.

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